My name is Vajra Yacht, one of the founders of Alpha-Herb.  

We created in 2016 to make Uncaria herb (Rubiaceae family) available to more men and couples. Uncaria, Alpha-Herb as we brand it, is the only known natural remedy that helps to last longer. Its uniqueness is that it does not numb skin. Furthermore, this herb has been used by men for centuries in Northern part of Indonesia and some parts of Malaysia for extending lovemaking. There are also numerous other therapeutic uses of this herb such as treatments for wounds and ulcers, fevers, headaches, gastrointestinal illnesses and bacterial/ fungal infections.

We offer highest quality herbal extract that we source from farmers directly. We take pride in the fact that the farmers we work with make superior quality extract even compared to any other local producers. is also a place where we share methods and techniques to overcome PE problems that we have been learning over 4 years from Tantric and Yogic traditions and experiences of my clients. The information found in our blog alone can significantly help men seeking to improve their sexual performance and to last longer in bed.

Our distribution center is located in Thailand. Deliveries from here to most of the countries around the world is about 1-2 weeks.

We believe that healthy sexual life is an important element of happy and fulfilled relationships. This is why we hope that information and product that we offer will help men and especially couples to build amazing and complete relationships.

Vajra Yacht