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Can you over come Premature Ejaculation?

I struggled with premature ejaculation for many years—far too many and unnecessarily so, in retrospect.

I spent years searching for natural treatments to overcome PE and last longer in bed. I tried Tantra, yoga, a number of “snake oils”, medicinal pills, lidocaine-based sprays, etc. I have bought various courses to last longer to no avail. 

It was during my time in South East Asia that I stumbled upon a traditional ancient remedy that truly worked!

Now, as a way of giving back, I am sharing what helped me: Alpha-Herb® Natural Delay Drops.

In addition, I’m sharing my personal experiences and exercises designed to enhance your intimate life on the PE Blog & Tips section of this website.

Alpha-Herb™ - Natural Remedy to Last Longer

100% natural herbal-based remedy to delay ejaculation reflex that works. This remedy DOES NOT NUMB. 

My PE Blog - Where I Share Tested Practical Knowledge

Here I share exercises and insight about premature ejaculation that gained from personal experience and research.


Alpha-Herb™ is a herbal delay tonic a.k.a. delay spray to last longer, control climax and help with premature ejaculation. It is made of an astringent substance extracted through an all-natural process from Uncaria plant, from the family of Rubiaceae. The plant is native to Southeast Asia and has been used for centuries for medicinal purposes.

100% Natural & Herbal

Made of pure herbal extract. 

Does not numb

Unlike lidocaine based delay sprays, Alpha-Herb™ does not numb. 

Effective Results

Most of men get results from 1st or 2nd use.  


The herb has been widely researched by scientists for its medicinal properties since 1990.

Ancient remedy

The herb has been used for centuries for a number of medicinal purposes in Southeast Asia. 


Alpha-Herb tonic is applied topically to the skin of a phallus and washed off after 3 minutes. The detailed procedure is explained in the instructions. After 60+ minutes herb becomes active and you can initiate intercourse. The product is very potent. It is important for follow the instructions to achieve the results. For any questions 24×7 support is provided.  

Ready in 60 mins

Effect stays up from 6 to 12 hrs

The herb stays active for about 6-12 hours – enough for almost a whole night. Thus you do not have to time application of Alpha-Herb when you go for a date. Alpha-Herb can be applied at convenience of your home well in advance of your meeting.


Clients report increasing their duration time from below 1 min to over 5-10 minutes. Some client go beyond 30 minutes. The more you use Alpha-Herb, the more results you will get as your brain will get rewired from short intercourses to long ones.

Obviously, people have different anatomies so results vary from person to person.   


Before I started using Alpha-Herb I could last 2-3 mins. Sometimes I would not last even 20 seconds. When I tried the herb for the first time I was able to last just about 7 minutes. After some time of usage, I could last 20+ minutes. At the moment, I can last as long as I want as I was able to decondition my mind from coming too fast.  


While the plant is traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties, its astringent and analgesic properties delay ejaculatory response. The tingling sensation increases blood flow to the area applied, which often intensifies the climax in both partners.

The herb components become active from the heat of penetrative intercourse. Thus it may not show any results during masturbation.


It does not numb.

While this is counterintuitive, unlike numbing sprays, this extract does not hinder your lovemaking experience when used correctly.

In fact, Alpha-Herb may increase pleasure sensations for both partners.

I personally still use Alpha-Herb when I want to spice up sex.


I don’t make false and magic claims. Alpha-Herb is a natural product so different men may experience different level of success with this herb. It is also not a standardized pharma product, which means that you should have some willingness to experiment with the product. When you buy Alpha-Herb, I expect that you are dedicated to overcome premature ejaculation and understand that any sustainable solution requires efforts. If you are in doubt, buy a sample. You do not risk anything. In the meantime, if it works for you this will change your intimate life for good.


I was inspired to offer this product to other brothers after it helped to change my sexual life and confidence. This is my way of giving back.

I have improved the product to make it clean and convenient. In the meantime, I do not give 100% guarantee – this is a natural product, not a pharma pill. About 1 in 20 clients may not get desired effect from the herb.

If it happens so that Alpha-Herb didn’t give you the results, I will give your money back. That is my promise. 



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OMFG!!! I went From 5 to 30 min then to hr after this prod my partner loves it 

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It’s work 100% love it changed my life


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Work perfect. A++++++



A++++ wow i love this product very quick delivery works perfect 👌 amazing


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Absolutely spot on thank you very much


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Here you can buy Alpha-Herb® - unique natural premature ejaculation remedy.

If in doubt, you can order a sample bottle at almost half the price. 

You have my word

By selling Alpha-Herb® I am giving back. This herbal remedy against premature ejaculation changed my sexual life and my confidence and I would like to give this opportunity to other men too.

I do not give 100% guarantee because this is a natural remedy and there is a small chance that for some this remedy may not be as effective. This is why -> I promise that if remedy will not work for you, I will give you refund.

You do not risk anything but if this remedy helps, it will change your life to a more confident lover!

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