Many men suffer along, but the problem is more common that you may think. A range of research has found that a stuggaring 1 in 3 men around the world suffer from premature ejaculation (for link , which is defined as ejaculation occuring within 2 minutes of penetration (for link ).

It greatly reduces confidence in men, makes them depressed, which is often splashed into other areas of life leading to underperformance ar work, sports, social life.

Stressful and unfulfilling sex life gretly reduces intimacy and understanding in couples, which most often results in divorce.

It can happen to everyone, from seniors to very healthy men. Some causes for premature ejculation include:

  • Psychological factors, such anxiety, stress, lack of self-confidence, poor body-image
  • Physical factors, such as poor diet, taking too much alchohol or medications, high body weight, high blood preassure, naturally low libido, age
  • Any combination of the above

There have been countless research papers, guides, books, vidoes and systems, but many men find that they do help and despair ever solving the issue. Many men do not seek much of anything for treatment, as they are embarrased and feelthe lack of support.

Various quick-fixes are employed, including popular pharmaceutical drug, that while may work for some people some time have such a long list of side effects enough to scare off anyone with common sence. Some even artifically rise levels of serotonin, which can eventally cause depression.

Generally, a lasting treatment to premature ejaculation includes long-term working on improving mental attitude towards sex, removing anxiety and inhibitions (also via hypnosis) and a long-term demanding training in ejaculatory control.

Some men try to get help from therapists, books, joining communities, but this is quite embarrasing for many and also can be dangerous as at worst men can get very misleading information, especailly from the internet where eveyryone can pass themselves off as an expert. Ejaculatory control training, while effective, is not easy, requires a good trustable trainer and a long, sometimes years, period of practice.

Alpha-Herb is the only natural solution for premature ejaculation. It does not only delay ejaculation in men, but also increases pleasure sensations in both and, best of all, does not require men to swallow any pills inside the body and risk side-effects.