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natural extract for men to

last longer

100% natural

Does not numb

Not a pill

Proven & Time-tested

Helps you to become a confident and relaxed lover who is in control of his performance

Increases sensations in both parners, leading to more fulfilling relationship
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1. Alpha-Herb™ is truly unique and has no equivalent either among modern pharmaceuticals or any other alleged all-natural remedies to last longer.

2. We source the herb from reliable producers in Indonesia and Malaysia who have been working with the herb for over 10 years. These producers have gained a lot of trust as their products are superior in quality compared to those of all other local producers who work with the same herb.

3. Alpha-Herb is 100% natural. No additives. No preservatives. No colorants. No nonsense.

4. Hundreds of our clients report significant prolonging of their intercourse including those who were suffering from severe PE problems.

6. Alpha-Herb does not numb sensations unlike pharmaceutical solutions.

7. In fact, Alpha-Herb increases sensitivity due to its astringent qualities. Alpha-Herb gives slightly tingling mentol sensations what make you feel more and enjoy love-making even more strongly.

8. To some degree the above effect is also transferred to your partner who will also feel amplification of senses and pleasure.

9. Alpha-Herb will be a great discovery for any man even if PE is not an issue. Alpha-Herb will take away any concerns about coming before your partner.

10. Alpha-Herb has a long-lasting effect of up to 6 hours. This gives a great convenience. Thus you do not need to time application with an intercourse. For example, if you have a date in the evening you can apply Alpha-Herb while dressing up in a convenience of your home, and you are ready for the night. No need to search for a proper place and make application right before an intercourse.


Do you want to do your best to uphold to “she comes first” rule?
Do you want to become a confident lover?
Do you want to level up your intimate life?
Do you want to improve your relationship?

If YES, go ahead and order Alpha-Herb.

Currently we are offering a FREE SAMPLE of Alpha-Herb for you to test and experience the effects for yourself. We are so confident in this herb.

We offer full support. If you have any questions, pleas,e contact us at support@alpha-herb.com


Disclaimer. While we have seen Alpha-Herb helping hundreds of people and never had any complaints, we cannot guarantee that our herb will work for all men in 100% cases. Alpha-Herb is a natural product and it acts in a natural way. In the same way coffee may have energising effect on people, and others may not feel much. Order a FREE SAMPLE of Alpha-Herb and test it for yourself.

Alpha-herb is made of an astringent substance extracted through an all-natural process from Uncaria Gambier. Native to Southeast Asia, this plant has been used for centuries for medicinal and industrial purposes. Official records show that wide production of Uncaria Gambier has been established as early as mid 19th century.

Extraction process. Leaves of Uncaria Gambier are harvested and steamed. Then boiling water is poured through gradually and and the juice from the leaves is squeezed out. The juice crystalyses as it cools down and forms a syrup. It is poured into wooden trays to dry up. Final material is cut into cubes and slices, which are available on our website.

We are offering Alpha-Herb in two forms.

1. Liquid form. The most convenient and ready-to-use form. Just apply 5-6 drops on the genital head and about 1 inch / 2.5 cm below all around the shaft. Thus you will create a very thin layer of the Alpha-Herb liquid. Wash off with soapy water after 10 minutes.

2. Dry Extract form. This form is most cost effective as it gives more than 20 uses per slice. Cut off a piece of about 2x2mm. Add half a teaspoon of water. Wait for ~30 minutes for the piece to soak. Then with your finger crush and stir the piece so that it is diluted into water. Now, apply the liquid with your fingers on genital head and an area of 1 inch / 2.5 cm all around the shaft. Wash off with soapy water after 10 mins.

Effect will last up to 6 hours.

If you need any help or have any questions,
contact us at support@alpha-herb.com

We email detailed directions and useful tips with every order of Alpha-Herb.

Alpha-Herb Infusion is offered in a ready-to-use form, while Alpha-Herb Dry Extract requires simple preparation.

Essentially, a small piece of Extract needs to be soaked in water for 30 minutes and then can be applied.

We email detailed directions and useful tips with every order of Alpha-Herb.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to give you necessary support and information.

Our email is support@alpha-herb.com

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Alpha-Herb Sample


$9.95 FREE

Don’t take our word for it. Try for yourself.

Just pay international shipping $7.85

~ 0.4 x 0.4 cm slice of dry extract

2 applications (externally)

Alpha-Herb Infusion


$59.95 $29.95

Most convenient form – ready-to-use

2.5 ml bottle 

~10 applications (externally)

Alpha-Herb Extract


$59.95 $29.95

Most economical

~ 2.5 x 1.0 cm dry slice 

~ 30 applications (externally)