No-Numbing Herbal Delay Tonic

Last Longer in Bed

  • Command the bedroom with an air of undeniable confidence.
  • Elevate your stamina and conquer the night.
  • Imagine a world where you control the rhythm, where you dictate the pace.

Improve Your Intimate Confidence

  • Embrace a new level of confidence, masculinity, and satisfaction that will leave both you and your partner in awe.
  • The profound impact of Alpha-Herb goes beyond the bedroom, instilling a sense of accomplishment that permeates every aspect of your life.

Enjoy Rewarding Relationship

  • Forge an unbreakable bond with your partner as you both explore newfound heights of pleasure together.
  • Ignite sparks that keep your relationship burning bright.
  • Savor every electrifying moments with your partner.

No Need to Sacrifice Pleasure

Unlike lidocaine-based products, Alpha-Herb works naturally and does not numb or decrease sensations.

Made of a Potent Plant Extract

The active ingredient of Alpha-Herb is a pure and potent plant extract.

3rd-Party Lab-Tested in the UK

Alpha-Herb ingredients have been tested by an independent UK Laboratory FoodTest.

Effect Lasts for 6+ Hours

One application is enough for a night. No need to top up or carry around.

Ready & Active in 60

Alpha-Herb is activated 60 min after application. Full instructions and support provided.

Ancient Herb

Traditionally used in the East & researched in the West.

Established in 2019

Trusted by thousands of clients ever since thanks to the quality and support service.

Premium and Economical

Non-numbing, natural, lab-tested, easy- to-use AND economical. One bottle can be used for about 30 nights.

Discreet Packaging

Box and bottle are labeled as

‘Herbal Skin Tonic for Men’

Thousands of Clients Worldwide


The purpose of Alpha-Herb is to help you achieve results. We are here to help to achieve the results.



Quality and Trust of a Brotherhood


Here you can buy Alpha-Herb® - unique natural premature ejaculation remedy.

If in doubt, you can order a sample bottle at almost half the price. 

You have my word

By selling Alpha-Herb® I am giving back. This herbal remedy against premature ejaculation changed my sexual life and my confidence and I would like to give this opportunity to other men too.

I do not give 100% guarantee because this is a natural remedy and there is a small chance that for some this remedy may not be as effective. This is why -> I promise that if remedy will not work for you, I will give you refund.

You do not risk anything but if this remedy helps, it will change your life to a more confident lover!

International Shipping

Alpha-Herb® - Sample


2ml bottle: enough for 12+ applications
Get a sample to see the effect for yourself

Alpha-Herb® - Standard Bottle


5ml bottle: enough for 30+ applications
For repeat users