It is important to set up your mindset if you want to achieve results in lasting longer. Check the most pumped guys in a gym – those who have visible results do go to the gym with proper mindset, which allowed them to achieve good results. The mindset of persistency, regularity, determination, and will, mindset of deep and calm belief that your regular practice will be certain to bring results.

When starting working on lasting longer you should get yourself in the same mindset. The journey to last longer will take at least 4 months before you start getting significant changes.

Make a plan and create a routine. Having a routine along with “must do” attitude will bring you fastest results. So, once you learn several tools from my coming HLL 101 posts, establish a routine. Set specific days and specific time of the day which will always be devoted to your training.

In my next post we will start with one of a few basic and most important exercises. These exercises will be the core of your practice.