This is the most basic and most important tool that you need to develop. The essence of this exercise is to develop awareness of the level of your arousal and not to go beyond certain level.

First, scale your arousal intensity from 0 – no arousal at all to 10 – ejaculation. Your point of no return (PNR), a state of arousal past which you feel that ejaculation is inevitable, will be somewhere around 8.5 – 9.0. In your mind you should firmly set up this scale from 0 to 10 and develop clear understanding where you are at any point of arousal. You learn this through repetitive practice.

Next step is practice. At the beginning you work only with you hands as you need to develop clear awareness of all the levels of arousal. After some practice you start your practice during lovemaking. When practicing you thrust your dick to level 4. As soon as you reach this level stop thrusting and let it subside to level 3. Then thrust again to level 5 and stop until it gets to level 4. In this manner keep practicing till you reach just before PNR. Once you reach high levels play around them. It is important not to cross PNR as this will end your practice 💣 I would even recommend to stop thrusting as soon as you feel that you are just about to approach PNR, just before level 8. Practice this exercise at least 10 mins a day. The more you practice the more awareness you develop and better results you get.

The end goal of this practice is to

a) know when you need to stop and cool down, and most importantly
b) extend or stretch your sensitivity. After 3-5 months, depending on intensity of your practice, what used to be level 7 will become new level of 6 or even 5. You get the idea.

Golden tip: I learned this tip from a Tantra yogi who perfected his ability to last as long as he, or his partner needed. During lovemaking never go beyond 7. You do not need to come even close to PNR. If you take this tip as a rule for all your sexual encounters, your progress will be much stronger.

In summary, while there are several other important tools and techniques in the art of lasting longer and overcoming premature ejaculation, without this fundamental exercise one would hardly get any substantial results. You might have heard about “STOP START” technique. One can call this exercise a STOP START exercise but you can feel that the exercise I shared with you is much more elaborate than merely stopping when you want to come.

As always, any questions – post them below.