Alpha-Herb Instructions

It is important that you follow the directions for use carefully, especially when using Alpha-Herb for the first time.

Remember Alpha-Herb is very potent and the spray is quite concentrated. 

Improper use of Alpha-Herb may result in failing to achieve desired results or getting too strong, even burning menthol sensations.

Minimize contact of Alpha-Herb liquid with urethral opening.

If you have allergies or if your skin is highly sensitive, it is recommended to test Alpha-Herb spray on your skin first. Apply a small amount on your skin and allow 4-5 hours before proceeding to the instructions. 

Always thoroughly wash off the liquid and dry it it up with a towel after 3 minutes maximum. You can only increase the application time after you used Alpha-Herb 3 or 4 times. The longer you hold the liquid unwashed the strong effect you get.

Remove foreskin when applying Alpha-Herb on penis head.


Step 1 – Testing

Make you dick slightly wet with water.

You apply 1 (one) drop and spread all around your penis head.

Wash off your hand straight away.

Wait 3 minutes and wash off your dick with soapy water.

During the next 24 hours, observe what you feel. From time to time, hold your dick in your palm for 2-3 mins to give a little warmth to the skin. The herb is activated by the warmth.

If during 24 hours you felt any menthol effect, that means that you should use 2-3 drops for the next time.

If you felt no menthol effect that is fine. It means you may use 3-6 drops next time.

Step 2 – Actual use

Make you dick slightly wet with water.

Now apply the number of drops determined in the testing step 1. Spread it around whole penis head and also about 1 inch (2.5 cm) around the shaft next to the penis head. Massage in the liquid into the skin. Concentrate massaging on frenulum (area underneath penis head). This is an important area responsible for PE.

Wash off your hand straight away.

Wait 3 minutes and wash off your dick with soapy water.

Wait at least 60 mins and you are ready for the night. Best result is achieved after about 2 hours.

One application is enough for a whole night. No need to top up.


Tips & Precautions 

1. Always wash off your skin with soapy water. This is very important! If you forget to wash it off you may get a very strong and even unpleasant tingling effect. Furthermore, the residue from your skin will get transferred to your partner’s vagina and she may get an unpleasant tingling effect too.

In the meantime, small residue amounts from your skin (that remains when you wash off correctly) may increase the sensitivity of your partner’s vagina and she will get more pleasure and enjoyment.

2. When massaging in the liquid make sure to cover whole penis head, top and bottom.

3. The herb becomes active after about 60 minutes and will stay effective for about 4-8 hours. The best effect is achieved after about 2 hours since application.

5. The longer the solution is kept on a penis the stronger the effect is. With time, after your first or second use, you may start increasing the time you hold the spray on your skin for longer than 3 minutes and up to 10 minutes. In this way, you can increase the time of how long you can last.

6. Store the spray in in a dark and cool place. For longer shelf life store it in a fridge.  

7. If you applied too much of Alpha-Herb and started feeling too much of tingling effect, wash your skin continuously in cold water for 2-3 minutes and dry up with a towel. Repeat the process again when needed. Excessive tingling effect may last from 15 to 120 minutes. 


If you have any questions or if something is not clear contact me at any time via the channel you bout the product from (Amazon or eBay) I will try my best to respond as soon as possible.