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We strongly believe that more man should know about Alpha-Herb; especially those who are in relationships. Alpha-Herb can improve confidence in men, improve quality of sexual life for couples by closing “orgasm gap” between men and women and consequently bring happiness and fulfilment for both men and women.

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Alpha-Herb is the only natural product known todate that is effective in helping to last longer while not numbing any sensations.

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We write unique content related to Premature Ejaculation issues and other aspects of men’s health. All blog content on our site will be available for your use. We regularly update our blog with new content.

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Safe product

Alpha-Herb, botanical name Uncaria Gambir Roxb, is safe both for topical application and for indigestion. This plant has been widely researched by modern scientists for its antioxidative and antimicrobial qualities.

Scientists from University of Hiroshima, Japan, in their research have concluded that Uncaria Gambir provided antioxidants that were effective and safe. Anti-aging agent containing the Uncaria Gambir Roxb extract can prevent the aging of skin and maintain a youthful, healthy state of the skin. In 2005 FDA has granted a patent for skin treatment composition containing extract of Uncaria Gambir.

Many general traditional medicinal uses of Uncaria gambir, especially in Indonesia, include treatments for wounds and ulcers, fevers, headaches, gastrointestinal illnesses and bacterial/ fungal infections. It had been widely used as an astringent medicine for the treatment of spongy gums, tooth acne, diarrhoea and sore throat.

Should you wish to read more studies of Uncaria Gambir please click here.

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